The Power of Recommendations

Fresh Start has just celebrated its 4th year as an independent private practice! We’re honored to have served so many in the community and are now starting to see many “repeat” clients who are requesting updated evaluations. From my perspective, I’ve seen two types of “repeaters”: Those who accepted the initial results and followed my recommendations OR Those who didn’t.  I get it, in some cases, your only intention is to obtain a diagnosis simply as a means to an end. Perhaps your child needed a diagnosis for school accommodations, maybe you needed a diagnosis just so that your medical doctor would prescribe medication, or maybe you or your child needed to “prove” there was no diagnosis to another family member or other professional. In any case, you still received well-thought out recommendations to not just “accommodate” the problem (or diagnosis), but to actually help improve symptoms.

Just recently, I met with parents, who had their child evaluated by me and my team in 2013. They were so excited to see me and tell me all about their now-teenage daughter. They related that they followed “every recommendation” and even provided specific examples. Some recommendations they were still adhering to til this day!! Their daughter had been taken off some medication, significantly improved her grades at school, and required an updated evaluation for her IEP. These parents also wanted an updated report themselves, just so they could see the prior diagnoses removed. I too, was ecstatic to see the results!!  This was a very different girl than I evaluated in 2013.  Thankfully, we have numerous stories like these.

On the other hand, I’ve met some parents who’ve come back quite distraught because their child is struggling just the same or even worse. When I ask what all has been done in the last two or three years, some parents say they participated in a couple of counseling sessions or provided the report to the school, often with no other attempts at intervention.  For many of these parents, there very well might be little time in the schedule or limited funds in the budget to adhere to some of my recommendations, but two things are for sure: 1) I provide a multitude of options with schedule and budget in mind, and 2) I encourage parents to meet with me periodically to discuss other treatment interventions in the event the ones I offer are not feasible.

Being a psychologist is definitely my calling in life. I appreciate every client that walks through the doors of Fresh Start and vow to give my best effort to help with the platform I’ve been given. It is now up to you to take these well thought-out and heart-felt recommendations and apply them in your or your child’s life. It could make all the difference down the road. Trust me!

-Dr. Jones

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