About Us


Brooke A. Jones, Psy.D.

Director & Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Jones is a Licensed Psychologist, who specializes in psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. As an evaluator, Dr. Jones takes pride in offering comprehensive and thorough assessments, and considering all areas of functioning, including physical health and environmental/cultural issues that may mimic or underlie psychological disorders. She writes comprehensive and clear reports that offer solid insight and helpful recommendations for individuals with Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Disorders, ADHD/ADD, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Personality Disorders, and Trauma Impacts. Dr. Jones earned her Doctorate & Master of Arts degrees in Clinical Psychology at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology (Argosy University Atlanta). She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Hampton University in Virginia. In 2009, she completed an APA-approved internship in Chicago, IL, while completing her dissertation, “Attributational Styles in Sexually Abused Children: Age, Gender, & Ethnicity Differences.” She has also held clinical positions in group practices and taught undergraduate studies in psychology. Personally, Dr. Jones comes from a big, loving family. She is an active Christian and youth group leader. She enjoys watching football, training in HapKiDo martial arts, and traveling with her husband and two young children.

Dale R. Goodman, Ph.D., D. Min.




Dr. Goodman provides solution-focused and cognitive behavioral counseling for individuals, couples and families. His approach is to explore underlying issues hindering life and relationships, and to provide sound solutions that work. Clients improve greatly in their thoughts, perceptions, emotions, behavior and relationships. Dr. Goodman has an extensive background in counseling education, training and experience. His vision is to help clients overcome and pursue their God-given potential. Dr. Goodman’s broken childhood and years of recovery have provided enormous empathy for the broken, deep insights for their wounds and the work necessary to heal. He has expertise in counseling for couples, adults and teens. He is a trained marriage facilitator for PREPARE/ENRICH, a marital assessment tool for couples.

Dr. Goodman is licensed through the National Christian Counselors Association as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor with Advanced Certification. He is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Church Alliance, Adjunct Professor with Olivet Nazarene University, and founder of Eden Ministries International, authored several Kindle books; speaks, teaches and develops resources for couples and parents of teens. Dr. Goodman is married to his wife, Linda. They have one daughter, Shannon, and four grandchildren living in the Chicago area. 


Kirsten Person-Ramey, Ed.D., LPC


Licensed Professional Counselor


Dr. Ramey is an Adlerian counselor, who specializes in healthy family preservation. Although she enjoys working with all members of the family, she focuses on counseling teens, who often have difficulty communicating with parents and adults in general. Dr. Ramey’s approach is down to earth, interactive and strength based. Since no two clients are alike, she uses an individualized and highly personalized approach to treatment. Dr. Ramey has worked for ten years to help clients with problems such as: Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Familial Discord, Abuse (victim and perpetrator), Communication, Anger Management, Grief, Anxiety, and Depression.

In addition to counseling, Dr. Ramey works as a social interest filmmaker and a counselor educator. She had led many seminars for stress management and parenting and she supervises LAPCs for licensure. Her book, “Got 5,” is a practical parenting guide that she uses to teach parents and caretakers how to effectively parent “strong willed” kids and teens. Dr. Ramey is a Licensed Professional Counselor, with a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling, both from Argosy University. Dr. Ramey lives in Roswell with her husband and four daughters.

Breanne Dugger, Psy.D.


Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Breanne Dugger is a Postdoctoral Fellow, under the direct supervision of Dr. Jones.  She conducts thorough psychological evaluations and provides effective therapy.  She has a passion for clinical work and a commitment to providing thoughtful and comprehensive psychological assessments. Her experiences range from completing psychological assessments for adults, adolescents, and children to providing individual and group therapy and outreach and consultation services to late adolescents and adults. She also has an interest in couples work. As an assessor, Dr. Dugger strives to write reports that answer referral questions in a clear and concise manner, while taking a strength-based approach and providing helpful and in-depth recommendations. As a therapist, Dr. Dugger’s ultimate goal is to build a collaborative and trusting relationship by assisting her clients in feeling safe and supported. Together she works with each of her clients toward growth through new experiences and self-understanding by exploring past and present interpersonal experiences. Dr. Dugger often incorporates mindfulness and other relaxation and coping techniques into treatment in order to assist clients in working through stressors outside of the therapy room. Dr. Dugger completed her Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology at GSPP at Argosy University-Atlanta and her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Alabama State University. She completed her Doctoral Internship at the University of California, Merced’s Counseling and Psychological Services. Dr. Dugger’s clinical interests include: Interpersonal-Dynamic psychotherapy, Feminist theory, cultural diversity, social justice, women’s issues, identity development, LGBTQ and questioning, relationship/attachment issues, and self-esteem/self-image. Dr. Dugger is passionate about the services she provides and is inspired by the stories and journeys of her clients.

Dr. Dugger works solely at the Stockbridge location. 

Natasha Thomas, M.D.



Dr. Natasha Thomas is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Diplomat of the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry. She specializes in reproductive psychiatry – focusing on the  psychiatric care of women during pregnancy and the post-partum period, mood and functioning changes associated with menstruation and menopause, and recovery from sexual trauma. She is a certified sex therapist and provides counsel to individuals and couples hoping to reestablish, or create, healthy sexual functioning and positive attitudes about intimacy. Dr. Thomas also treats adults facing concerns such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD and more.  Though Dr. Thomas believes it is a sign of strength and wisdom to seek care when one realizes the need for it, she recognizes that many people feel apprehensive when initially pursuing mental health treatment. As such, she aims to provide a warm, hopeful, supportive, collaborative, and even fun environment with all of her patients. Through discussion and thoughtful guidance, she strives to create a treatment plan that helps her patients feel empowered in their pursuit of wellness.

Dr. Thomas has had a life-long love for the understanding of biology and medicine. She is a Daytona Beach, Florida native and began her educational career at Spelman College, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and also minored in Writing. In 2006, she graduated from Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami with her Doctor of Medicine degree and a passion to pursue training in Psychiatry. She was accepted into the Psychiatry Residency Training Program at the University of Maryland/Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, which is rated as one of the top 10 psychiatric hospitals in the United States (#6). While there, she was selected to serve as a Chief Resident. Dr. Thomas has enjoyed practicing in the Metro Atlanta area for the past 6 years and in 2014 earned a certificate in sex therapy from the Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Training Institute. Dr. Thomas believes it is an honor to serve as a psychiatrist and truly enjoys her work with her patients. She also enjoys family time, reading, travel, dining, and the arts.

Ruffina David, Ph.D.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ruffina David has a Ph.D. from The University of Melbourne and has published a number of articles and reports. She has 15 years of experience as a researcher, teacher and practitioner in the field of Psychology. As an experienced researcher, she has a strong interest in using evidenced-based methodologies in her practice. Dr. David is a registered Psychologist in Australia. She works with individuals and couples helping them to overcome life’s challenges. She is recognized as a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. She takes a strength-based approach in assisting her clients to rise above and live stronger through difficult situations.

Having worked across schools, hospitals and universities in Australia, India, and UK, Dr. David is a Psychologist with a breath of international practice expertise. She can assist in trans-cultural issues, life transitions, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and trauma, & attachment concerns for adolescents and adults. She also welcomes providing service to couples and individuals who practice alternative sexual lifestyles.

Dr. David’s approach is based on current proven strategies in addressing emotional, behavioral and psychological problems. She will provide verified skills and tools to help you handle your individual circumstances. Her facilitative approach uses a number of techniques that compliment Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Solution Focused Therapy. Dr. David considers you as the expert of your life and is strongly committed to being open and genuine in her approach to you whilst also being creative in structuring her therapy sessions.

Tanja Ketisch, Psy.D.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ketisch is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, who has been trained in conducting psychological evaluations with adolescents and adults. Dr. Ketisch believes in the whole-person approach to assessments that takes all facets of life into consideration. In order to establish a thorough understanding of the individual all areas of functioning, such as physical wellbeing, interpersonal experiences, as well as cultural concerns, are important to explore. She is skilled in the assessment of PTSD, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Disorders, ADHD/ADD, Emotional Disorders, and Personality Disorders. Her reports are comprehensive and informative, highlighting individual strengths as well as areas for improvement. Dr. Ketisch earned her Doctorate & Master of Arts degrees in Clinical Psychology at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology (Argosy University Atlanta). She earned a baccalaureate degree in Clinical Laboratory Science at the University of Iowa and a baccalaureate degree in Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She completed an APA-approved internship at a VA clinic in Texas while completing her dissertation, “Boundary Dissolution and Eating Disorder Symptomatology,” which was published in the American Journal of Family Therapy. She has also held clinical positions at the Atlanta VAMC and in private practice. Personally, Dr. Ketisch was born and raised in Germany, but she has now lived in the U.S. for over 20 years. She is also proud to have served in the U.S. Air Force.

Denise McKinney, Psy.D.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi  The quote by Ghandi explains how Dr. McKinney believes that any person has the capacity to change and be the person they truly want to be in the world. She feels everyone has a journey they have taken and as your therapist, she will work to understand your personal journey, because it encompasses the building blocks of your story. Through thorough assessments, Dr. McKinney is able to use your story, combined with the current situation, to help guide her patients onto a new path. She knows the end of your story hasn’t been written yet and with the therapy, the direction and outcome of anyone’s life story can change! Where you are now doesn’t have to be where you end up.

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.” This is another quote that Dr. McKinney believes in wholeheartedly, which is why, in addition to her own schooling and past experience, she enlists the help of her therapy dog, Dutch, an Irish Cream Golden Retriever. Dutch doesn’t see issues or struggles. He sees a person. He sees a child. And without saying a word, he can offer a gentle paw or a soothing sigh or gentle comfort to someone who desperately needs a friend. All simple gestures, which can work miracles in the mind and heart of a hurting person.

Dr. Denise McKinney, Psy.D., earned her Doctorate from Argosy University in Atlanta. She completed her Masters of Art in Clinical Psychology at East Tennessee State University and received her Bachelors of Art from University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Clinical Psychology within in a vast range of settings. She has assessed and worked with ages ranging from 2 to 85 with an array of difficulties. During her graduate work, she specialized in child and adolescents with focus on trauma-related issues as well as many different types of family, school and emotional struggles. Dr. McKinney also has extensive experience working with adults with issues including substance abuse, trauma, mood disorders, and marital problems. Dr. McKinney has conducted assessments on children, adolescents and adults to help determine functioning and to drive treatment planning. Dr. McKinney is experienced in assessing disorders of attention-deficit/hyperactivity, behavioral and emotional functioning, cognitive or academic abilities (including learning disabilities), autism-spectrum, trauma impacts, and personality. Her experience in these areas offers her clients a comprehensive evaluation with extensive recommendations for how to manage any diagnoses discovered throughout the evaluation process.

As a psychologist, Dr. McKinney strives to develop a trusting and lasting relationship with her clients and she feels this is the cornerstone of the therapeutic relationship. Once a therapeutic relationship has been established, she will use a variety of techniques to help you make the desired change you are striving to meet in your life. Dr. McKinney uses a mindfulness approach along with cognitive behavioral techniques to help you meet your goals that brought you to seek therapy. She also utilizes play and art therapy with children and adolescents to help them engage and also develop a strong therapeutic relationship. When working with this age group she sees the family as an integral part of the therapeutic process and actively includes them in the process.

Dr. McKinney works solely at the Canton location.

Ysannia Hendrix, M.A.


Psychometrist & Spanish-Speaking Interpreter


Ysannia Hendrix, M.A. is under the direct supervision of Dr. Jones, as a Psychometrist. Ysannia obtained a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies from Western Michigan University. Some of her previous experience includes working with children at various learning centers and extensive involvement with diverse populations. She received a M.A. in Human Services: Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University. While attaining her graduate degree, Ysannia worked as an instructor at a school for children with Autism. In this role she provided evidence-based educational programming and behavior support services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in an enriched, multifaceted learning environment to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. She is currently attending Grand Canyon University to earn a second Masters degree to become a Licensed Professional Counselor with an Emphasis in Children and Adolescence Disorders. Ysannia is also fluent in Spanish and loves translating for Spanish speaking individuals. 

Cindala Craft, M.S.



Cindala Craft, M.S., is under the direct supervision of Dr. Jones, as a Psychometrist. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia.  After completion of her undergraduate studies, she became coordinator of the Big Sisters program of the Roanoke Valley, Virginia.  As coordinator, she evaluated women interested in mentoring young girls who were deemed in need of positive female role models.  In addition, she conducted both in-home and in-office assessments of potential “Little Sisters” and their families.  Finally, based upon her assessments, she was responsible for the pairing of Big and Little Sister “matches”, and the coordination of periodic group activities for program participants.  Later, Cindala moved to Georgia and, in addition to raising her two young sons, became a teacher for a private, church-based, preschool.  As a preschool teacher, she designed and implemented age-appropriate curriculum for her students, and conducted assessments of their academic and social skills.  When her sons advanced beyond preschool, Cindala also became an after-school teacher, a position that both allowed her to spend time with her sons after school, and gave her experience with older children and preteens.  In 2011, Cindala procured her Master of Science degree in General Psychology from Walden University.  One of the core courses in the master’s program curriculum was “Testing and Measurement.”  Cindala greatly enjoyed this course, which spurred her interest in the field of Psychometrics.  After researching the field, she was delighted to learn that there are a great number of people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and economic situations in need of quality, professionally administered, evaluations.  Fortunately, Cindala was hired and began training to become a Psychometrist, a few months before completing her master’s degree.  She is genuinely pleased to have a position that incorporates her passion for psychology, with her desire to empower people facing academic and/or mental health challenges to improve their quality of life.  Cindala enjoys growing vegetables, flower gardening, hiking, reading, and writing.

Chelsea Moodie, M.S., APC, NCC


Associate Professional Counselor

Chelsea Moodie, M.S, is under the direct supervision of Dr. Jones. Chelsea obtained her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Georgia State University. She is licensed as an Associate Professional Counselor. She provides compassionate and nonjudgmental support to help clients reach their goals. She offers many creative therapy methods such as play therapy, art, and sand tray therapy. Chelsea has training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques. She has a passion for helping children and adolescents manage anxiety, stress, and adjustment to divorce. Utilizing mindfulness techniques to strengthen the mind/body connection, Chelsea seeks to empower her clients so they can restore balance in their lives. She helps clients identify their strengths to overcome challenges and experience personal growth.

Chelsea completed her internship year at Mercer University where she offered individual and group therapy for clients experiencing various issues including: depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, perfectionism, boundary setting, marital conflict, and parenting concerns. She believes in developing a therapeutic relationship that allows her clients to feel safe, accepted, and motivated to make the changes they are seeking in therapy. Chelsea is passionate about providing holistic psychotherapy by utilizing a strengths-based approach where she focuses on helping children, adolescents, and adults make desired changes and thrive in their lives. Counseling from a Christian perspective is available at client’s request.

Lei Rhyne, M.Ed.


Educational Consultant and Psychometrist

Lei Rhyne is under the direct supervision of Dr. Jones, as a Psychometrist.  Ms. Rhyne holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education with a concentration in Assessment and Measurement. She is a certified Orton-Gillingham educator and has been trained in Lindamood-Bell techniques. Ms. Rhyne pursued her advocacy training with Peter Wright through Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training. Most recently, Ms. Rhyne received certification as an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Administrator with Western Psychological Services at Rush University in Chicago. 

Ms. Rhyne has been in the educational field for over 15 years. In 2002, she began assessing and tutoring students with learning differences. Shortly after that, she became an educational consultant and was instrumental in helping families find the best schools, tutors, and therapist for their children. In 2007, she opened a home-school enrichment facility for families in the Alpharetta/Cumming area. In 2010, she opened Hayden’s Way, a school for children with learning differences, where she created a multi-sensory curriculum that catered to students who were academically challenged. While at Hayden’s Way, Ms. Rhyne created and administered a peer mentoring program and other social groups specifically for students with autism and other learning differences. She also helped to create improvisation activities to aid such students in understanding body language and making eye contact, two skills that are difficult for autistic students, but crucial in life. Ms. Rhyne constructed complete behavioral programs that were implemented by staff and parents. Ms. Rhyne has also been instrumental in helping students transition from high school into college or vocational school. Ms. Rhyne enjoys working with students and enabling them to reach their fullest potential. When not helping families, she enjoys reading, music, traveling and being on the lake with her husband and two children.

Kelsey Higgins, MS, RDN, LD


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Kelsey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Licensed Dietitian (LD) in the state of Georgia. She received her Masters in Health Sciences and supervised practice hours through the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at Georgia State University in 2015. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition at Tennessee Tech University in 2013. Kelsey offers individual and group services such as nutrition counseling, nutrition education, meal planning, and more. As an RDN, she utilizes mindful and intuitive eating techniques and practices evidenced-based medical nutrition therapy by teaching clients about the role nutrition plays in managing acute and chronic illness and disease. Kelsey is eager to help clients achieve their nutrition goals and make a positive impact on their well-being.

In her spare time she enjoys playing and coaching volleyball, and spending time and traveling with her husband.



Therapy Canine

Dutch, our therapy canine, works closely with Dr. McKinney and is a key member of our staff at Fresh Start for the Mind. He’s our “good boy” and incredibly sweet and lovable. As a therapy dog he helps in so many ways to provide comfort to both children and adults. It’s hard not to smile when he comes to say hello. Dutch is an Irish Cream Golden Retriever, bred by Hollie Mann of Syrah Goldens, and was specifically selected for temperament characteristics most likely to lead to success as a therapy canine. Puppy temperament testing of potential therapy canines includes formal tests at forty-nine days of age such as the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. If you would like to learn more about the ways in which Animal Assisted Therapy can help, please see our specialty page.


Krissy Lashbrook


Office Manager


Krissy is the Office Manager for Fresh Start for the Mind.  She has 10 years of clinical management experience for regular medical and behavioral health services.  She has extensive knowledge in medical office management, insurance research and verification, and scheduling management for our Fresh Start providers.  She resides in Cumming with her husband, teen-age son and rescue pup.  She enjoys snorkeling, reading and watching NFL football.  Her passion and commitment to helping others is apparent in her day-to-day interaction with our clients and her co-workers.


Chelsea Salters


Administrative Assistant

Chelsea S. Salters, a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina.   She is a passionate person who enjoys helping in the clinical mental health field and seeing others attain a healthier well-being.  Chelsea achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology at Morris College in Sumter, South Carolina.  She has obtained several national certifications and other professional training development tools.  Chelsea’s expertise includes, but not limited to, program coordination, business implementation, case management, and office operations.  By gaining and utilizing those skills, she has helped to maintain quality outcome values for many.

Alex Murphy


Administrative Assistant


Alex received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UGA in 2016. While there, she worked in two separate research labs involving aggression and personality.  She has worked as an administrative assistant and billing adviser in psychology offices since then and is currently applying to Master’s programs in Disaster Counseling. She hopes to travel the world helping people cope with grief and trauma. Originally from Denver, Alex now lives in Johns Creek with her cat, Lou, and dog, Soph. When she isn’t working, Alex likes to volunteer at the local animal shelter in Atlanta, explore nature trails around North Georgia with her digital camera and cheer on the Denver Broncos football team.

Terry “T.J.” Jones


Payroll Manager & Co-Owner

T.J. has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networking. He has held positions as an I.T. Marketing Supervisor and Technology Consultant. When the time called, he stepped in full-time to his role as Fresh Start’s co-owner.  T.J. manages contractor and employee payroll, financial operations, and business relations. He enjoys playing and watching sports, especially coaching his son’s little league teams.  He also enjoys serving in his church’s middle school ministry and technology team, as well as spending time and traveling with his family. 

Gaby Anderson


Billing Manager

Gaby has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in business law from University  of Denver.  She had seven years of experience in private aviation and 16 years of managing a pharmaceutical instrument company in the US and Thailand. Her hobbies include writing fiction and she’s  a member of the Atlanta’s Writers Club. Gaby’s greatest accomplishment is her family; she enjoys spending time with her awesome husband and two amazing young adult daughters.