So What’s the “Eh…” Response All About?

Do you ever ask your teenager a question and you get the “eh..” response? What’s up with that? Is it defiance? Do they not want to share? Do they not know? Do they not have an opinion? No, it’s not any of those things. Let me explain something about communication and a teenager… at the end of the day when your child comes home from school and you say, “How was your day?” you will probably get, “eh.. I guess it was okay.” This is perfectly normal and there is a good reason for that response. During middle and high school, our children’s brains are taking in a lot of information along with trying to socialize, and learning to navigate their emotions, other people’s responses and emotions, and their schedules. The testosterone and hormones are moving up and down like a roller coaster and when your child gets asked the question, “How was your day?” in all honesty they’re not even sure. They are still processing the day and making sense of everything that happened throughout the day. So don’t take it personally. The best thing to do is to let them have their time, let them process their thoughts and their feelings. This is how we form our own thoughts and opinions, with peace and quiet and time. After school my children have down time where they decompress, by either reading quietly or resting. There is no television, no computer, and no phone. They will rest their eyes, their brain, and their emotions. Later at night, in their own time, their day will come out; they will share their experiences with me. And, being the note-taker that I am, I will write it all down in my notebook, documentation is everything to an educator. This gives them time to process the frustrations or the excitement of the day and to figure out why they feel and responded the way they did about each and every thing that had occurred. So if you get an “eh” after asking about your child’s day, just sit back and wait – give him or her some time. The answer will come.

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