Psychological and Academic Testing




A psychological assessment can be the best first step in understanding and improving oneself. These evaluations provide an in-depth view of one’s issues and offer specific recommendations in overcoming emotional distress so that you can flourish in a variety of environments. We are skilled in assessing underlying issues that cause psychological symptoms and difficulties, and pride ourselves on considering all areas of functioning, including physical health symptoms that may mimic mental health disorders.

We Specialize In:

  • Intelligence & Academic Abilities (including cognitive disorders & learning disabilities)

    A comprehensive assessment and evaluation of an individual's cognitive functioning, intellectual capacities, and academic skills, with a particular focus on identifying any potential cognitive disorders or learning challenges that may impact their educational performance.

  • Attention deficit (and hyperactivity) disorders

    A thorough assessment process aimed at evaluating an individual's attention, focus, and impulse control, as well as determining the presence of ADHD or related conditions, to facilitate appropriate intervention and support.

  • Autism-spectrum disorders

    A comprehensive evaluation used to assess an individual's social communication, behavior, and sensory processing to identify the presence of autism or related developmental conditions, enabling personalized intervention and support.

  • Oppositional defiant and disruptive behavior disorders

    A comprehensive evaluation to assess a child's behavior and emotional functioning, specifically targeting defiance and disruptive behaviors, with the aim of identifying potential oppositional defiance disorder (ODD) or disruptive behavior disorder (DBD) for appropriate intervention and support.

  • Mood and anxiety disorders

    A comprehensive assessment process designed to evaluate an individual's emotional well-being, identifying and diagnosing conditions such as bipolar disorder, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma-related disorders, in order to develop personalized treatment and support plans.

  • Personality functioning

    A thorough evaluation used to assess an individual's traits, behaviors, and emotional patterns, providing valuable insights into their personality structure and guiding therapeutic approaches.