Debbie Calton, M.A.

Ms. Calton earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from North Carolina State University, a dual master’s degree in clinical and school psychology from Salisbury University, and a psychological associate’s license from North Carolina. Ms. Calton began her career as a school psychologist, administering evaluations for students with exceptional needs, including those with learning problems as well as those who were gifted. She was singularly selected by the psychiatry department from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to administer psychological evaluations for a research study designed to ascertain the prevalence of ADHD in children in selected regions of North Carolina. She has also served as Clinical Director for a center for developmentally disabled individuals, during which she supervised all therapeutic services, including psychological, speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Additionally, Ms. Calton has worked in early intervention, assessing infants and toddlers for the possible presence of developmental disabilities. Since moving to Georgia, Ms. Calton has continued to provide psychological evaluations for individuals of varied ages, including assessments for adults with suspected dementia and/or other psychological disorders.