Is Your Brain Healthy?

How is your brain doing? For many of us today, we aren’t doing well. We’re wearying down and it affects how we think, feel and function.

Here are some ongoing issues related to poor brain health: anger, anxiety, fear, insecurity, panic attacks, depression, insomnia and obesity. Also, stress is pounding away at our brains and literally damaging us.

There are many ways to improve our brain health. However, the first step is to determine if this may be the problem. Below you’ll find some information from Daniel Amen, M.D. This information may be your first step toward this awareness:

Based on strong scientific evidence, here are the 14 warning signs your brain is in trouble: 

  1. Memory worse than it was 10 years ago
  2. Low energy
  3. Low mood
  4. Irritability
  5. Anxiety, stress, worry
  6. Short attention span
  7. Brain fog
  8. Impulsive, bad decisions
  9. Can’t do the right things to stay healthy
  10. Insomnia
  11. High blood pressure
  12. High blood sugar
  13. Weight issues
  14. Sexual dysfunction

How do you think your brain is doing? If your brain is not healthy, you will not think, feel or function in healthy ways. If you are looking for more solutions, we have the team to help you at Fresh Start for the Mind.

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