Educational Consulting

So you knew your child was struggling, and you got the psychological evaluation with the diagnoses. Now what? What do you do with that information? Can the school help you? Should your child continue on at his or her current school? Should you find a new school? With so many options, how do you know which one is right for your child?

Finding the right school for your child will be one of the most important decisions you and your family make, and Lei Rhyne can aid in that decision. Lei will help you make sense of all your options, from helping you and your childĀ understand the diagnoses to finding and touring the perfect fit school. Let Lei help you to set up the perfect environment for success for your child.

Lei Rhyne, M.Ed. of Fresh Start for the Mind has been in the education field for over 15 years. She started as a tutor and consultant and went on to become director of a private school for students with learning disabilities. She has been a member of the Georgia Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children, The Dyslexia Foundation, Autism Speaks, and Talk about CuringĀ Autism (TACA). Her years of expertise and knowledge make her a leader in the industry.