Family Time

As our kids return to school it is important to develop healthy routines. Developing a Family Time routine is just as important as adequate sleep and a balanced diet.

What is Family Time?

Interactive time set aside with both child and parent/caregiver in which both/all are engaged fully and healthily in an activity together.

What are the benefits to of Family Time?

-stronger family connection
-improved self esteem
-promotes open communication between child and parent/caregiver
-parents/caregiver can observe and learn about child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to better guide them
-studies show healthy interaction between loved ones decreases symptoms of depression
-creates memories


What can my family do for Family Time?

-family game night
-preparing a meal together
-listening to music together
-get active together (walks, pool time, exercise)
-people watch together
-start a new hobby together

Make Family Time a “Must Do” on your to do list!


Jennifer Bryant, LPC