Should my child be re-evaluated?

Should my child be re-evaluated?  All psychological examinations are not created equal.  Inexpensive and brief evaluations are tempting, but can be harmful to your child.  Psychological diagnoses such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, OCD, oppositional defiance disorder, and schizophrenia require the careful, state-of-the art, consideration of a psychological team of professionals.  At Fresh Start, we evaluate children every day who have received the wrong diagnosis and, therefore, are prescribed the wrong medication.  They are taking chemicals into their bodies that are making their symptoms worse!  So, yes, if your child’s medication is not helping them, they should receive a thorough psychological (and often, academic) evaluation.

Working with teenagers is my passion.  I frequently evaluate teenagers whose parents did the right thing when their children were little, voicing their parental concerns to pediatricians, teachers, and even psychologists.  After a brief examination, they were informed that their child was fine (or lacked motivation, needed more discipline, etc.).  Years later, (often with the increased demands of early middle school), the child’s difficulties became overwhelming.  When brought in for a comprehensive evaluation, they were given carefully selected psychological assessments based on their unique difficulties.  Input from teachers, parents, caregivers, speech therapists, etc. were taken into account, and they were finally given a working diagnosis to be shared with their school for accommodations.  Of course, not all children have diagnosable issues, but those children were still given specific, tailored recommendations.

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